Monetization during live video streaming

First, we talk about live streaming, and if you should be using YouTube live, then you can make some instant cash throughout your live stream! There is a function called super chat which will be recently introduced by YouTube. You can activate this feature, and your fans would have the ability to chat with you throughout the streaming. Their chat will be highlighted throughout the video stream. In this manner you’d have the ability to see their chat and their chance of having an answer may likely to increase. However, to have the ability to send this kind of chat message, they would have to pay. You then get your share from YouTube. It is just about the easiest solution to monetize your live film streaming vk . Super chat is, however, offered to people having a specific quantity of subscribers and in few countries only.

Monetization of Prime Video Contents:

Prime video contents are not people who are of good quality but also if you should be presenting them to the best audience. When you yourself have created such high-quality videos, then you definitely have several choices to generate income out of them. There is a huge market for videos on demand. Traditionally, it was difficult to distribute your film. You would have to feel the distribution channels. Now some companies still follow the exact same practice, but on some platforms, you are able to reach directly. You will find three kinds of market places where you can sell your videos. Firest type are transactional platforms, where people pay a tiny money to see the video, the 2nd category is subscription platforms (iTunes) where they pay a regular or annual subscription to get access to videos and the 3rd are derived from advertisement (You Tube, Hulu, DailyMotion) where you get paid based on the ads played on your videos. A short introduction to these market places is below:

  1. Netflix

If your video is of very good quality and you have done a great deal of publicity and ‘ve got 1000s of social following, then you might be able to market that video to Netflix and get a good load of money. However, to acquire a deal done, you will need to find a distributor or go to film festivals and grab some attention from Netflix.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Prime video is another alternative for you yourself to sell your prime contents. For this, you don’t require any distributor. You can directly upload your videos using Amazon Video Direct.

  1. iTunes

iTunes need you to pass their quality control ahead of the acceptance of your movie. But even before reaching iTunes, you normally have to use an agregator that may take a fee and put your video in the correct format for iTunes. You then must go to 1 of Apple approved encoding houses, who will likely then encode your videos properly according for their requirement. You can avoid agregator, but you can’t avoid encoding houses. So there are always a lot of steps involved, and finally, iTunes also check for quality.

  1. Hulu

This platform is based on the advertisement. You spend a fee to a vendor, get your movie on the platform, get traffic to your movie, the ads will run, and you will receive a commission.

  1. You Tube

As you most likely knowledgeable about how You Tube works. It is quite simple to register for your You Tube channel and start uploading your films. Based on the advertisement, you can make money from your videos.

  1. POV(Point of view)

This is a place where you can find some resources for non-fiction filmmaking. On their website, you can even find organisations which offer funding to individual artists and film makers companies. Each year they look for submissions, and if your film is approved, then it will be broadcasted on PBS television.

  1. Vimeo On Demand

Here you can begin selling your videos after paying a regular fee of AUD19.

  1. DailyMotion

You need to use this platform in an identical solution to You Tube. Also, if you have a website, you are able to run Daily Motion videos on your site and get a commission for advertisement on those videos. But this needs approval from DailyMotion. If your site has some traffic, you will get this authorization and start making revenue.

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