Social Media For Marketing and Customer Interaction

People are so bombarded by marketing and corporate jargon they no further look closely at mainstream advertising and why should they? How often do you accept a new product or service only to be disappointed by the client service/support when something goes wrong. We are all fed up with cold calling and blanket mailing campaigns and consequently, our friends in Direct Marketing have seen a rapid decrease in conversions from traditional mediums.

Social Media Optimisation allows companies to get in touch with existing and prospective customers on a basic platform whilst gaining invaluable insights into how they’re perceived and where they need to improve. Think of it this way…which have you been more likely trust…a corporate campaign suggesting to get something or a suggestion from a dependable friend?

The net moves at a frightening rate and most marketing decision makers don’t have enough time to keep abreast of the latest Web 2.0 developments not to mention separate whats a novelty,and whats going to exhibit you a good ROI and generate long term business. And also this means internet marketing consultants are having to evolve at a rapid pace to keep abreast of the most effective techniques so its worth knowing anything or two when seeking suppliers.

Common SMO Questions

-How do I find prospects online?

-How do I attract prospects

-How do I engage them and keep them interested?

-My’Decision Makers’are not likely to be using Face Book or Myspace so how could it help me?

-How do I utilize it Social Media to to generate local leads?

Interaction is the important thing here, you can find no instant results to be had(are there ever?), social media is all about networking with your peers online, as you’d do at an offline industry event. Business forums are a great place to begin by answering questions and sharing your experiences with like minded people Don’t try and promote on your own instantly (or leave tacky irrelevant links everywhere- its bad taste!) You need to be …yourself and share that which you know.

When you have articles, conference materials or research papers stashed away, they’re a good way to publish content, promote your business and generate Authority for the company site. This authority and fresh material encourages natural linking and helps with your internet search engine rankling. You should use this to expand your keyword range to add a larger array of phrases and thus attract more traffic. This include long tail phrases and geographically targeted keywords.

Social Media Optimisation enables you to attract quality, relevant traffic without worrying about your Search Engine Ranking which Google likes since it decreases spamming and promotes natural good content.


SEO is usually split into’white hat and black hat’otherwise called the’good’and the bad. However, the conclusion goal of most SEO tactics are to fool search engines into achieving higher internet search engine ranking which has led to a spamming of the internet. What do we mean by spamming? Joining a forum and leaving pointless unhelpful posts with the only purpose of gaining a straight back link to your internet site is a perfect example

The search engines are wise to the and with this in mind, the best way to optimise your internet site, improve internet search engine ranking and connect with your market will be to create useful content that serves your market creating loyal and genuine followers. Optimisation will be a more personal and tailored process where the organization will focus on using there internal marketing documents to leverage web side authority.

We will even visit a shift in the traditional job roles connected with internet marketing consultants as internal departments seize control of the consultoria de seo content production and design. This could certainly provide provide them with more control whilst rewarding visitors with increased relevant material.This move could spell the conclusion for factory style seo and the spamming we’re all so sick of.

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